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The next Postnatal Course LIVE is kicking off on March 14th!


The Postnatal Course is a live, six-week coached course which gives you the ‘feel’ of personal training in a small group, online environment.


I will be with you over the six weeks, offering you a series of live sessions (all recorded in case you need to watch on catch up) that cover movement as well as talking things through, so that we understand – rather than fear – our bodies and movement. 


Each and every one of us is different and will have experienced pregnancy, and the early postnatal recovery period differently. 


So rather than just pull together a standardised workout plan for you to crack on with, I’ve created a holistic toolkit that covers my five pillars of postnatal exercise to help you build strong foundations for returning to exercise after having a baby - that will last. 






Understanding what’s changed in your body can be incredibly powerful when it comes to freeing ourselves from fear.  It also gives us a better respect for our bodies. We’ll also cover why we’re doing certain moves, what we’re trying to actually achieve – beyond a nice dose of endorphins obviously. Postnatal training has a purpose, and once we understand the WHY, the HOW becomes so much easier. 



The amount of tension new mums carry around with them without realising is immense. Postural shifts, sleep deprivation, a base level of stress that’s higher than it was pre-children. Unlocking the physical tension we hold can be half the battle in getting your body functioning better, but moving better too. 


There are tight spots in our bodies but there are also weaknesses too after birth. We get up off the mat and use functional movement patterns (and weights) to regain your core and overall body strength. So less aches, and a stronger butt. 



Not just ‘take-a-nap’ rest. I mean deeper than that. I mean acknowledging the sheer weight of the ‘motherload’ and how different life looks now with little people depending on us 24/7, acknowledging the effects of sleep deprivation, of the challenges motherhood places upon relationships, friendships, your sense of self. And then I mean nurturing yourself, being a little kinder to yourself, giving your nervous system the support it craves at this time in our life.  



NONE of this works without fuel. And a well-balanced supply of fuel, through your food is essential. Essential for your body’s healing, your busy-ness, your mind, your nervous system and of course your workouts. 

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There are 32 live sessions in total. All of these sessions are recorded so you absolutely do not HAVE to attend them all live. 


There are two coaching calls every week where we discuss key topics, and of course you have the chance to troubleshoot any difficulties you’re having. 


In terms of movement, we do four sessions a week: one release session, one core class and up to two strength classes (we do one strength class a week for the first three weeks). 


A full schedule for the Course can be found here


Plus there is even more, bonus content including TWO expert workshops – one physio workshop with Clare Bourne, and one nutrition workshop with Kristy Coleman, and pre-recorded physio and nutrition videos, technique tips for fundamental movement patterns, meditations and recipe packs. 


You get a sense of community too via our What’s App group - and direct access to me if you need additional support. 


ALL mums who have yet to begin any form of structured exercise post-birth. Really the Course is designed to be your first steps back towards structured exercise, so it is suitable for mums from 6 weeks postnatal – as long as they have clearance to exercise from their GP. 


If you have a diastasis, pelvic floor symptoms or mild to moderate prolapse, this Course is ALSO for you, and I will be on hand for additional support should you need it - although I do recommend seeing a women’s health physio as part of your return to exercise. 


However, if you have any uncontrolled pain, loss of sensation to the bladder or bowels, or any visible or palpable protrusions from the vagina or anus I do not recommend taking this Course – instead I would highly recommend working closely with a women’s health physio in person to help you in your return to exercise. You can request a referral to an NHS physio via your GP or find a private physio local to you via the Squeezy App Directory

Pay in full with one

Payment of £250

Two monthly

Instalments of £130

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