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The next round of The Postnatal Course LIVE coming soon.

It’s a six-week live, coached course designed to support you in your return to exercise after having a baby. You get the feel of personal training in a small group, online environment and it takes a holistic approach: combining mobility, myofascial release work, movement, meditation and confidence boosting pep talks.

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Supporting mums to feel strong during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

About me

I am a mum of three, a pre and postnatal exercise specialist and a passionate advocate for mums who want to feel strong whilst navigating ALL the challenges that pregnancy and motherhood throw at them. 

Through my own personal experiences, I’ve grown to recognise the need to bridge the gap between pelvic health physiotherapy and the fitness world, because I GET that things aren’t always necessarily straight forward both before and after birth.

I blend my movement coaching with mobility and mindfulness - bringing you a holistic approach to fitness in motherhood, because once we understand that our bodies shift not just in response to the physical changes of pregnancy but what’s going on in our external environment too - we can harness and develop the true inner strength that EVERY mother has inside her. 


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